What is adoption?

Adoption is a chance for children who cannot be brought up by their birth parents to have a permanent new family. Adoptive parents have all the same parental rights and responsibility for that child as birth parents do and the child becomes a full member of the family.

Children needing adoptive families come from a range of diverse backgrounds. Each child is different but they have all had a difficult start in life and all need a loving environment so they can thrive. Some children might need to be adopted with their brothers and sisters too.

In addition to traditional adoptions where children are placed with adopters from foster carers we are also offering the option to take the Fostering for Adoption route. This allows local authorities to place very young children directly from hospital or from a birth parent to prevent the child having unnecessary moves. There are a few more risks associated with adopting in this way but for the right family and child this can be hugely beneficial. If this is something you'd like to consider we can talk it through with you.

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When they said YES it was the best feeling ever

Every year there are around 200 young children who need adoptive parents. However, we need to make sure that the process is thorough and we match children to the right family. We also need to make sure that adopting is the right decision for you. So, we've developed a flexible and supportive six-month approval process.

Stage one lasts for about two months and will help you to learn more about adoption. While stage two lasts for around four months and will quickly move you through the approval process. We also offer a 'fast-track' route for approved foster carers and people who have previously adopted.

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