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Who we are and what we do …

The Adoption Support Service is based at Adoption Now’s central hub in Bolton.


Supporting adoptive families is an area that we view to be especially important and our team of over 20 workers (including contact and letterbox co-ordinators) have considerable experience and a variety of training to equip them to support you as you throughout your adoption journey, from the assessment, to early placement support and beyond.  

Our services range from a core offer of support groups, workshops, training, and social events to assessed packages of therapy intervention.  Whilst many of you will not need high levels of support from the onset, our programme of workshops and social events are intended to provide opportunities for adoptive parents to connect with one another as well as with professionals. They offer opportunities to talk about adoption issues in an informal setting, to learn how to support your child in the best way that you can and to form valuable relationships and extend your own networks.

At Adoption Now we are continually developing and investing in our adoption support services by providing staff with a further range of therapeutic training so that they can support you even more effectively into the future. 

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