No one 'gets' Adoption like another adopter

Did you know that we are the only Regional Adoption Agency in the North West of England that offers a Mentoring Service to adopters?

It’s an invaluable service that we offer to all of our adopters and is designed to be a safe and supportive space where they can share their experiences with their Mentors who are themselves experienced adopters.

Our mentors have been there and done it, and they are fully trained to support our adopters as they progress through their adoption journey. After all, no one like another adopter gets what going through the adoption process is like.

In this episode I sat down to chat with members of our Mentoring service to find out how it all works, when it started and just how much our adopters value the service.

Has this episode got you wanting to find out more about adoption and the adoption process? Why not visit and book yourself on to one of our free Online Information Events. Hosted by one of our social workers, along with an adopter guest speaker our events are 100% live and are the perfect place for you to ask ANY questions that you may have about adoption and the adoption process.

You can also call our Information Line, where a member of our team will be able to get you started on your adoption journey. Open 9am – 5pm Mon – Friday you can call our Information line on 01204 336096.