Ava-Grace is a healthy and happy baby girl who loves to smile and giggle and show off her bright white teeth - she’s got about 10 now and she’s very proud of them!


Lola is a beautiful one year old with big blue eyes and a cheeky smile. She’s a cute and curious baby girl who always wakes up with a smile on her face.


Sienna (1) is a very cute little girl with auburn hair and big blue eyes. She loves music and enjoys being sung to, especially her favourite nursery rhyme ‘row, row, row the boat’ where she is starting to try and copy the actions.


Alfie is a happy, confident and outgoing five-year-old with a great sense of humour. He always has a lovely smile on his face and is a playful little boy that is inquisitive about the world around him. He has a very likeable, kind, caring and polite personality.


Macie is an adorable two-year-old with a lovely inquisitive and happy personality. She is described as being ‘a joy to care for and is loved by everyone who knows her’.

Sonia & Aidan

Sonia (5) and Aidan (3) are a wonderful, dual-heritage two-some who have to come as a package – a package of fun, energy, cuddles and snuggles… and a good squabble for good measure!

Abigail & Kian

Abigail (6) and her brother Kian (4) are really close and often get mistaken for twins. They are looking for a family who can adopt both of them as they would love to stay together forever.


Owen is two years old and described as a wonderful little cuddly boy. He can be shy at first but once he gets to know you he’s his happy and playful self.


Luke is only two years old but he is the biggest fighter that you will ever meet! He defied the odds between life and death from the second he was born and look at him now! He is funny, cheeky and has a thirst for life and adventure!


Tyler is a five-year-old little boy with brown wavy hair and gorgeous blue eyes. He has a beautiful smile and sweet-nature that he would love to share with a family of his own.