Could you adopt an older child? Adoption Now Roadshows!

Adopter Stories by Adoption Now - Could you adopt an older child? Adoption Now Roadshows!

The overwhelming majority of people who contact our agency and are thinking about adopting do so with the intention of adopting a child that is aged 0 to 2 years old.  However, our latest figures show that 40% of our children that have a Placement Order are in fact 3 years old or older, and with this group of children waiting the longest for their forever families we have more need than ever for adopters to consider whether they could adopt an older child. 

These are still very young children, and due to the nature of their births there will be some developmental delay, meaning that while these older children may present as older they are in fact still very young and need just as much love and attention.

But how do you officially class a child as older? At what age do YOU consider a child to be classed as old?

The team at Adoption Now hit the road at shopping centres in Bolton, Blackburn and Bury to challenge these preconceptions at our recent July Roadshows!