Keeping Family Groups Together.....Adopting Siblings

Brothers and sisters, or sibling groups, are often one of the groups of children who often wait the longest for their forever families. These siblings have such a unique, and powerful bond and they have often been through extremely difficult circumstances and in most situations have been the only constant within each other’s lives. So when it comes to our family groups, we always try our best to keep them together and need adopters who can consider adopting siblings.

We always ask our adopters if they could open their minds and consider whether they could adopt siblings, which we know can seem a little daunting, but rest assured that we have the Adoption Support team to help and support both you and the children.

For our current Do you know our children? campaign I sat down to chat with Andrea, who along with her husband adopted their two boys. We not only find out about their story, but we also talk openly about the challenges that they encountered and the fantastic joys too.