... preparing for Christmas with our Therapeutic Parenting Expert

At Adoption Now we take great pride in the way we are able to support our families so, with Christmas just on the horizon we thought it would be good to offer some extra support and advice for the holidays.

There is no doubt that Christmas is a magical time of year; what with all the lights, sounds, smells and traditions that are associated with it. However, a lot of children find this time of year hard, with all the sudden changes to routines and all the expectations that come with it along with a sensory overload as the world changes around them. Children in care have often experienced so much trauma in their early lives that Christmas can often be especially hard for them and their families.

We readily acknowledge that this isn't the case for every looked after child but to try and help alleviate some of the pressures for both children and their families, I sat down to chat with Rita, one of our resident Therapeutic Parenting experts to get some hints & tips around making the most of the festive period and creating the best time possible for children and the wider families.

At this moment in time we have more need than ever for anyone who is thinking about adopting to come forward. If you are looking to start your adoption story why not contact our Information Line on 01204 336096, and maybe you could start making some new traditions of your own.