...there's so much love in our house! LGBTQ+ Adopter Special

The latest, national figures show that in 2023, 1 in 5 adoptions in England were to same sex couples. Now, while this is a fantastic stat we realise that not everyone in the LGBTQ+ community feel that they will be supported or even welcomed in the same way as heterosexual couples when they start the adoption process. 

At adoption now this couldn’t be further from the truth and we felt it was high time to highlight the support and inclusivity we offer to ALL of our adopters; no matter their sexuality, whether they are in a relationship or single. We understand that picking up the phone to call us or filling in the contact form on our website is such a huge step to take, and we want you to know that you will be supported right from the very start.  

Our guests on this episode are Emma & Jo and Rhiannon. Emma & Jo are a young LGBTQ+ couple who have adopted two children and Rhiannon, along with her partner has adopted via the Fostering for adoption route. 

We brought Emma & Jo and Rhiannon together to help us record our latest ad for GAYDIO however, what we ended up with as a bonus is a whole episode for our podcast. You will find out about their adoption story, the support that they felt throughout the adoption process and also some of their most memorable moments so far.

If hearing their story has given you that little push to want to find out more about adoption and the adoption process, why not call our information line on 01204 336096 where a member of our Welcome Team will only be too happy to help you start your adoption story.