...what is Care Planning?

If you are new to adoption and new to thinking about whether adopting is right for you and your family, during your research you may or may not have heard the term care planning or family finding. 

Here at adoption now we are essentially made up of 3 teams. Our Recruitment team, our support team and our care planning or family finding team. Across our social media channels and our website we focus a lot on the recruitment of adopters and our amazing support team for our children and adopters alike. But we don’t often get chance to talk about our Careplanning Team. 

Now you may hear other agencies refer to these teams as Family Finding. And as the name suggests, their role is to find adopters for the children they are case holding for. 

For this episode I sat down to chat with 2 members of our Care Planning team to find out how they go about finding a family, some of the challenges that they face and what they look for in adopters for their children.